In a Vase: A Harmony of Reds

in a vase on monday

It would appear that my predilection for red hues has come with me to the new garden and, therefore, to today's vase.

in a vase on monday

In addition to the Heuchera foliage ('Carnival' series), I have clipped an assortment of red-toned flowers.  There are some burgundy violas and a pink miniature rose...

miniature rose and viola

...also a deep red, very full miniature rose...

miniature rose

...and small flowers of Dianthus x allwoodii 'Frosty Fire'.  This was picked up today, I suppose mostly because I have been eyeing various Dianthus for weeks and finally had to have one.  From reports on the Dave's Garden platform, as well as a naive guess that 'Frosty Fire' might be similar to 'Firewitch', I was in hopes that it would fare relatively well in heat come summer.  Further browsing this evening leaves me more dubious.  We shall hope for the best!  The scent is lovely; it kept wafting around the inside of my truck after I plopped it in the back seat - a very pleasant perfume to be driving along with.

dianthus frosty fire in a monday vase

The exception to the red-toned flowers is the white lace of Viburnum plicatum 'Summer Snowflake'.  I believe this shrub officially belongs to my sister; we talked each other into purchasing it, and she seems to have a spot planned on the east side of the house.  If it does well, it should be a lovely thing.  

viburnum plicatum summer snowflake

As for the miniature roses, I had been looking at the tiny, fancily potted minis set out for Easter decor.  Then I found myself prowling around the garden section of, shall we simply say, a major box store.  Against a back wall, I discovered a trolley with shelves full of miniature roses at $3.49 each.  They were large enough to make that a terrific bargain, other than the fact that the plants in question didn't look overly robust.  But it seemed to be mostly a case of having been hauled too long, so I decided to rescue a couple of them...


I shall have to keep a close eye on them for a while.  In my experience, minis are all too likely to arrive with spider mites.  Other than that, I think these will be much the happier for some fresh air and water.

in a vase on monday

So there is my small posy for today's In a Vase on Monday, the weekly meme at Rambling in the Garden.  It's a medley of deep reds, a touch of pink and white.  I put the blooms in my small, dark-glazed, stoneware bottle.

in a vase on monday

I spent all too much time today frozen in horror, watching the reports as the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was burning.  A tragic day...  Here it was all bright sunshine and warmth (happily our cold snap is over), green grass, and the first newborn calves across the street.  And I heard the first whippoorwill this evening.  But a sad day for all that.

dianthus frosty fire

Weather Diary: Fair; High: 79 F (26 C)/Low: 39 F (4 C); Humidity: 28%-81%

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  • #1

    Cathy (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 01:53)

    Are you and your sister going yo have Hers and Hers parts of the garden?!
    You must feel like a child in a sweet shop sometime, so tempted to buy lots of plants but not sure how they will do, and I am so pleased you are getting pleasure from these early purchases. The resultant vase is such a pretty spring offering

  • #2

    Kris P (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 12:37)

    I enjoy seeing your pretty vases again, Amy! I love the deep reds here. I'm guessing you didn't have an opportunity to bring any of your wonderful miniature roses with you when you moved? In any case, I hope your new purchases prove to be resilient.

  • #3

    Amy@SmallSunnyGarden (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 14:47)

    Cathy - Yes, we’re both picking different spots for planting. Learning what will work here is definitely going to be a challenge. The soil is quite heavy and I’m not at all used to gardening with hillside winds!

  • #4

    Amy@SmallSunnyGarden (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 14:52)

    Thank you so much, Kris! I didn’t even attempt to dig any of my miniature roses when I left. They were too well established and frankly too large! I am hoping these new purchases will be hardy enough in winter. The house wall and a southern exposure should help. I never dreamed that miniatures could be as robust as they proved in AZ so it will be interesting to see what happens with them here.

  • #5

    Diana Studer (Tuesday, 16 April 2019 16:32)

    Against the wind garden for shelter and windbreaks, then make the most of the new microclimate as you create it.

  • #6

    Cathy (Monday, 22 April 2019 02:26)

    A lovely vase Amy and it sounds as if your garden is slowly taking shape, bit by bit. I don't know what kind of Dianthus it is that I grew last summer, but I had them in pots in a hot but for part of the day shady corner of the yard and they even came through the winter in the pots!