In a Vase: A Bright Discovery

monday vase with sunflowers

Recent days have seen the arrival of wild sunflowers on the west side of the property.  I wasn't sure how they were faring in all the rain we've been having, but when I tramped down the driveway to check on them, there were still some blooms available to cut.  The individual flowers aren't very big (as sunflowers go), but they are a wonderful bright touch on a gray day.  I photographed them on our tiny front porch, looking over toward the neighbors' pond.

monday vase

I cut only three blooms; there were more in various stages from bud to fully open.  None are seeding out yet, but I'm sure it won't be long, and I'm sure the birds will be delighted.


I used my small stoneware 'ink pot' vase.  Even with its narrow neck, there was room for some more stems, so I went out and collected some grasses.

grass flowers

Joining once again with In a Vase on Monday with Cathy -- two weeks in a row is an improvement...! ;-)  Do check the other vases at Rambling in the Garden!


And if you, like me, enjoy butterflies, please check yesterday's post featuring a visit to a butterfly exhibit.  


Happy new week!


Weather Diary: Cloudy with rain and thunderstorms; High: 77 F (25 C)/Low: 64 F (18 C); Humidity: 83%-100%

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    Kris P (Monday, 26 August 2019 21:07)

    How wonderful to have wild sunflowers, Amy! That's surely a sign that the new house is welcoming you. The grass is beautiful too and it looks perfect with your ink vase.

  • #2

    Cathy (Tuesday, 27 August 2019 13:51)

    So simple and yet so pleasing to the eye, Amy - I am sure Kris is quite right in suggesting they are welcoming you to the new house and your new life generally. Hurrah for them!

  • #3

    Diana Studer (Friday, 30 August 2019 17:06)

    Such a serene view with the pond in the not too far distance.

    Your 3 part story was powerful, and hair raising to relive at second hand. So glad you escaped to safety.

  • #4

    Amy@SmallSunnyGarden (Monday, 02 September 2019 13:55)

    Kris - Yes, the sunflowers are very welcoming, and I hope to grow them more deliberately in future! ;-) Thanks so much!

  • #5

    Amy@SmallSunnyGarden (Tuesday, 03 September 2019 09:43)

    Cathy - They are a delightful welcome and are going on to be quite floriferous! I should like to collect some of the seeds, but everyone is very busy around so I expect the birds will beat me to them!

  • #6

    Amy@SmallSunnyGarden (Tuesday, 03 September 2019 09:50)

    Diana - Thank you kindly. The full scale of what we were dealing with has only become more apparent since we've left.
    The pond is quite pretty, looking over at the east side to the neighbors'. We have a lot of wildflowers right now. I must tame things down a bit, partly for neatness sake and partly to ensure I can continue to use the driveway. ;-) But I think of your love of wild flora when I am out in it.