Wordless Wednesday: Muscari

Muscari (probably M. armenaicum "Heavenly Blue")

Weather Diary: Fair; High: 72 F (22 C)/Low: 43 F (6 C); Humidity: 23% - 93%

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    Kris P (Wednesday, 01 April 2020 17:43)

    Gorgeous color. I hope you and your sister are well, Amy!

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    David C. (Thursday, 02 April 2020 22:05)

    Excellent blue and weather you're having, just about like our's...

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    Amy@small sunny garden (Tuesday, 07 April 2020 00:24)

    Thank you so much, Kris! We are well--just trying to keep out of harm's way with the virus. Thank goodness for gardens!

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    Amy@small sunny garden (Tuesday, 07 April 2020 00:29)

    David C - They help remind me how much I do love a strong blue flower! I guess spring is doing its thing all the way from south to north right now. I think your weather is closer to ours than ours is to, say, the Carolinas. East to West seems to make almost as much difference as north to south sometimes.