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04. February 2017
desert garden, small sunny garden, amy myers, garden structure, shrubs, agave parryi
Learning which plants offer a good sense of structure for this garden has taken quite a bit longer than I anticipated. I am sure that in a naive way I expected a one-to-one replacement from temperate zone gardens: (x)desert shrub = lilac, (x)desert tree = dogwood, (x)desert perennial = phlox, and so on. Far from it. The most confusing factor is simply learning the basic growth habits of a new set of plants. An equally naive tendency leaves me forever expecting a sort of average habit: a bit...
04. January 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, winter, eremophila, valentine, emu bush
Weather Diary: Light clouds; High: 64 F (18 C)/Low: 43 F (6 C); Humidity: 43%-100%