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18. April 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden photography, sonoran desert, tuesday view
As this week's Tuesday View comes along, I decided to share views from around the garden. First, the usual view down the South Border. Looking a little lean now as the early and mid-spring flowers are gone, it is transitioning toward summer with miniature roses coming into bloom while Catharanthus roseus, the mainstay of flower color during summer, is growing out but not yet blooming. What I have not shown is the first few flowers from sweet peas, tucked into the back of the border. I'm not...
28. February 2017
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Today's vase was quite a flamboyant concoction. It began several days ago when I salvaged a broken stem of Hippeastrum "Red Pearl". Last autumn I planted "Red Pearl" directly out into the North Border. It has grown well: a little more slowly than my potted Christmas bulb and much more quickly than the Hippeastrums already in the garden. It is a luscious red, very classic.
09. February 2017
small sunny garden, amy myers, desert garden, hippeastrum, amaryllis, miracle
As the third bloom stalk is now in full flower, I thought I had better share a photo or two from Hippeastrum "Miracle". Purchased last autumn and grown in a pot on the patio, it has been exceptionally floriferous. After all, it has been in bloom off and on since just after Christmas! Three bloom stalks full of rich red petals and gold stamens. Weeks worth of bloom. Cool, dry, outdoor conditions keep the Hippeastrums from getting as leggy here as they always did when I grew them indoors. But...
03. January 2017
hippeastrum, amaryllis, cut flower, christmas, miracle, russelia, coral fountain, iavom, monday vase, in a vase on monday, desert garden, small sunny garden, amy myers, photography, ceramics, stoneware, pottery
With the possible exception of lilies, I don't think there's a more regal garden flower than Hippeastrums. I have begun to use them to replace both border tulips and, to a degree, lilies, in this garden where neither can grow consistently. It gives me a chance to have my cake and eat it, as winter-bloomed container bulbs can then go out into the garden. Last year's "Naranja" actually bloomed again after it was planted out - no mean feat as it had already opened two full heads of flowers! So...