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03. April 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden photography, in a vase on monday, iavom, monday vase, iris, dutch, blue magic, limonium perezii, tetraneuris acaulis
Of all the flowers in the garden right now, I am particularly thrilled with the Dutch Iris "Blue Magic" (see also my last post, Farewell to March). So I decided it was fair enough to clip one and build today's vase around it.
22. March 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, monday vase, in a vase on monday, iavom, photography, amy myers, lavender, madrid, tetraneuris, angelita daisy
Worth the wait in more ways than one. I am finally getting to use flowers I have been waiting for all winter long - Calendulas planted with Monday vases in mind, Cerinthe which helpfully seeded itself into the North Border, and Tetraneuris which disappeared entirely late last year but has returned in a glory of little yellow daisies. All of these were just ready on Monday, and then I had to wait again. It does seem like a run of bad luck: a strained (sprained?) back all last week, light case of...
28. February 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, eremophila, valentine, limonium, perezii, hippeastrum, red pearl, amaryllis, russelia, pottery, stoneware, monday, in a vase on monday, iavom
Today's vase was quite a flamboyant concoction. It began several days ago when I salvaged a broken stem of Hippeastrum "Red Pearl". Last autumn I planted "Red Pearl" directly out into the North Border. It has grown well: a little more slowly than my potted Christmas bulb and much more quickly than the Hippeastrums already in the garden. It is a luscious red, very classic.
16. January 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, in a vase on monday, monday vase, narcissus, autumn colors, lavandula multifida, lavender, limonium perezii, sea statice, eremophila hygrophana, pottery, stoneware, amy myers, ceramics, photography
This vase is a celebration of a mild mid-January, what looks to be the very last of winter and faint beginnings of spring in the desert. In keeping with the season, I have used some entirely new flowers for this vase.
16. January 2017
small sunny garden, amy myers, desert garden, photography, garden, arizona, gbbd, garden bloggers bloom day, january, flowers, senna, nemophila
The weather has been perfect so far this January, and the plants are relishing it. While I feel that I need to improve my selections for wintertime bloom (it is, after all, a prime season in the desert), the showing for this month is quite cheering.
21. December 2016
As I am posting woefully late for the Monday Vase meme and fairly late for Wordless Wednesday, I thought I would simply present some of both in a single post. First, Monday (as always hosted at Rambling in the Garden)! A lavender pink zinnia (courtesy of my sister's planting) and a rose from Sterling Silver combined to create this week's vase.