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24. January 2017
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Cold, windy, wet weather was predicted for last night and today. Apart from a few showers, it has turned out quite mild; but the prediction had already encouraged me to cut one flower for today's vase. The enormous bud on the rose "Mister Lincoln" stood a good chance of being broken off or at least battered about if the winds blew in. So I cut it last night and slipped it into a vase this morning. The rose had a beautifully long stem, so I tried one of my taller vases. It was too wide for a...
16. January 2017
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The weather has been perfect so far this January, and the plants are relishing it. While I feel that I need to improve my selections for wintertime bloom (it is, after all, a prime season in the desert), the showing for this month is quite cheering.
25. November 2016
mister lincoln, hybrid tea, rose, herbert swim, small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography
Just now I am enjoying the first blooms on red rose "Mister Lincoln". For me, this rose will always hold a special place in my garden, or any garden. Back when I began my first rose bed, I went to the nursery and picked out a number of bare root roses. It was just far enough into the season that container roses were already available as well, so I went through the rows, looking and sniffing. Eventually I came to a deep red "Mister Lincoln", already an old classic of many years standing. Its one...
15. November 2016
Today's vase is primarily about red roses.