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16. January 2017
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The weather has been perfect so far this January, and the plants are relishing it. While I feel that I need to improve my selections for wintertime bloom (it is, after all, a prime season in the desert), the showing for this month is quite cheering.
21. December 2016
As I am posting woefully late for the Monday Vase meme and fairly late for Wordless Wednesday, I thought I would simply present some of both in a single post. First, Monday (as always hosted at Rambling in the Garden)! A lavender pink zinnia (courtesy of my sister's planting) and a rose from Sterling Silver combined to create this week's vase.
21. October 2016
rose, english rose, david austin, amy myers, photography, small sunny garden, desert garden, the alnwick rose
...and James Galway following a brief downpour back in September!
17. October 2016
small sunny garden, amy myers, desert garden, garden bloggers bloom day
For me, yesterday's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day coincided with a chance to visit Summerwinds Nursery, an opportunity which unabashedly ousted my Bloom Day post till today. After all, this is the start of planting season here and the tables were loaded. Every minute I could spare today went to planting, and there is still plenty left to do! Meantime, I didn't want to miss my Bloom Day post altogether. So out I went with camera in hand, only to find my flower photography preempted by an even more...
11. October 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, in a vase, monday, amy myers
I had little time to prepare a vase today, so these flowers were subjected to a rapid picking and poking this afternoon. Fortunately, they are mostly forgiving sorts! I used my smallest stoneware bud vase and was again reminded how much more material I have for even a tiny vase nowadays. This is rose "Sterling Silver" -- that most elegant rose, finally back in bloom -- in combination with very small chrysanthemum flowers, a first-ever sprig of Salvia leucantha "Santa Barbara", and a leafy twig...