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01. November 2016
Tuesday view, miniature rose, small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, ornamental grasses, muhlenbergia, pennisetum
This week's view of the South Border was photographed earlier than usual in the day. The grasses are both a wealth of delicate color and texture, and they look perfect with the sunlight glowing through from the east. It was perfect for the miniature rose also.
31. October 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, in a vase, monday, amy myers, monday vase, chuparosa, justicia californica, hummingbird plant
This week's vase is made of some of the lighter components of the garden: plants that yield those wonderful airy flowers that often serve as filler and "back-of-the-border" types, along with various grass flowers.
18. October 2016
Tuesday view, desert garden, small sunny garden, miniature roses, amy myers, photography
This week's Tuesday View actually says quite a bit about the garden just now. The summer blooming plants, such as Pennisetum and Catharanthus, are still blooming freely. The plants that like temperatures just a little milder -- the miniature roses and Perovskia, as well as Eremophila hygrophana -- have exploded into full flower as well. And Muhlenbergia "Regal Mist" is just opening its autumn glory.
08. October 2016
autumn, sternbergia, small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography
Bulbous plants were my first loves in gardening. Their substance, their wonderful textures, their resilience, their often brilliant colors, their very propensity to grow, bloom, and quietly disappear again -- I love it all. As a rule, I grew spring- and summer-blooming bulbs in my first garden but did not venture much into the autumn flowering types. And while I adored the big, splashy types, such as large-cupped narcissus and border tulips in spring and oriental lilies in summer, I grew to...
05. October 2016
Tuesday view, miniature rose, small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography
The big news for this week's Tuesday View is that the Perovskia has come back into full bloom. This means it is humming with bees.
04. October 2016
small sunny garden, amy myers, monday vase, desert garden, garden blog, photography
This is the first regular post from the new site, so I wanted to express some of my pleasure over my new project by a lusher bouquet than usual. And the garden provided the material, what with roses beginning to bloom and late summer flowers giving a burst of blossom as well.