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30. May 2017
Today's vase is a potpourri of flavors from the end of May. Herbs, miniature roses, seedpods, and even chrysanthemums and one very small sunflower found their way into the mix. As did the first plume from Pennisetum setaceum rubrum and the first small spire from Perovskia.
17. December 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden bloggers bloom day, gbbd, december, winter flowers, gaura, oenothera, lindheimeri
Well, this post is two days late as the holidays have kept me busy, but it seemed a shame not to go ahead and post for December's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Not surprisingly, given the mild weather, there is plenty to choose from! Most of the bloom is from long-flowering plants enjoying the cool temperatures, not to mention a bit of much-appreciated moisture. (A little more would be even more appreciated!) I have put in only a few cool-season bedding annuals so far. The most noticeable are...
12. December 2016
in a vase on monday, monday vase, desert garden, small sunny garden, amy myers, photographer, photography, rose, zinnia
Today's vase is, admittedly, a collection of snippets from all over the garden. On one side are the yellow hues...
29. November 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, in a vase, monday, amy myers, flower arrangement, photography, stoneware, ceramics, pottery, rhodophiala, chrysanthemum, ornamental grasses
This week's flower selection began with snipping a single trumpet off the newly arrived flowers of Rhodophiala bifida, commonly known as Oxblood Lily. A Hippeastrum relative, it has a reputation for growing well in very rugged conditions of the hot and dry sort. Not surprisingly, it has a tendency to bloom in response to rain, and a couple days worth of showers last week popped the first one out of the ground. This first blooming stem has grown to about a foot tall; like another relative,...
21. November 2016
 Chrysanthemum, in a vase on Monday, monday vase, small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography
Today's little flower concoction is perhaps my fastest to date. Most of today was focused around getting my mother to a regularly scheduled medical appointment, which involved a drive of well over an hour each way, so there was not a lot of time to think about a vase or to arrange the contents. Just before leaving, I snipped some blooms from a chrysanthemum which was tucked into a container in the patio some weeks ago. I brought the three flowers indoors and floated them in a teacup.
11. October 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, in a vase, monday, amy myers
I had little time to prepare a vase today, so these flowers were subjected to a rapid picking and poking this afternoon. Fortunately, they are mostly forgiving sorts! I used my smallest stoneware bud vase and was again reminded how much more material I have for even a tiny vase nowadays. This is rose "Sterling Silver" -- that most elegant rose, finally back in bloom -- in combination with very small chrysanthemum flowers, a first-ever sprig of Salvia leucantha "Santa Barbara", and a leafy twig...