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01. April 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden blog, tetraneuris, acaulis, angelita daisy
March has departed in a highly leonine fashion here, with a roar of winds, fluctuating temperatures, sun and clouds and sun and clouds, and plummeting humidity. Nevertheless, it has been a beautiful month in the garden, as cold gave way to warmth and ample sunlight. Everything is still feasting on the extra rain we received in January and February, no small gift in a desert garden! The month began with Narcissus...
15. March 2017
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First a confession. Wandering around the garden today, camera in hand, peering here and there to see what is in bloom, for the first time I was thrilled with the garden. Not with the idea, or with this or that plant or combination of plants, or even with a particular piece of it all, but with the garden itself. For the first time I can feel it as a whole, however tentatively. There is still chaos here and there; the hedging must be completed; big gaps and outright errors need to be remedied;...
20. January 2017
costas hummingbird, calypte costae, desert garden, lavender, goodwins creek gray, lavandula, small sunny garden, amy myers, photography
Just sharing this week's series of photos of Jewel... (I don't often name things unless I must, but the hummingbirds have so much personality that they somehow do end up with names!) This is the male of our pair of resident Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae). The female is irridescent green and white.
31. December 2016
This winter has seen a pair of Costa's Hummingbirds arrive in the garden, in addition to our resident pair of Anna's Hummingbirds. Here is the tiny male Costa's, with his brilliant purple face and head, the color only just glimpsed in this photo. When he faces into the full sunlight, the color is so vibrant that he has been duly named "Jewel". Hoping that the courage of kindness will prevail, somehow, in this coming year... and wishing all of you my friends a beautiful, happy 2017!