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20. January 2017
costas hummingbird, calypte costae, desert garden, lavender, goodwins creek gray, lavandula, small sunny garden, amy myers, photography
Just sharing this week's series of photos of Jewel... (I don't often name things unless I must, but the hummingbirds have so much personality that they somehow do end up with names!) This is the male of our pair of resident Costa's Hummingbird (Calypte costae). The female is irridescent green and white.
25. December 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, narcissus, autumn colors, bill the bulb baron, amy myers, photography
Wishing all of you a beautiful Christmas!
08. November 2016
butterfly, queen, amy myers, photography, small sunny garden, desert garden, Danaus gilippus
The lantana is full of butterflies now. Monarchs (Danaus plexippus)...
26. October 2016
butterfly, photography, amy myers, small sunny garden, desert garden, lantana, wordless wednesday
Weather Diary: Sunny; High: 90 F (32 C)/Low: 65 F (18 C); Humidity: 29%-63%
21. October 2016
rose, english rose, david austin, amy myers, photography, small sunny garden, desert garden, the alnwick rose
...and James Galway following a brief downpour back in September!
28. September 2016
As a first trial post for the new blog here at, here are a couple glimpses of the open desert in September.