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09. April 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, tree following, vauquelinia, californica, arizona rosewood, amy myers, photography
As I take a look at the young Vauquelinia californica (Arizona rosewood) this month, the most noticeable change is simply the lengthening of the new growth. Branches are reaching upwards as it puts on a little more height. This is all to the good as it has quite a ways to go before giving substantial shade to the border. But for all that, it is already providing a little shelter to nearby plants.
10. February 2017
tree following, arizona, rosewood, vauquelinia, californica, small sunny garden, desert garden, photography, amy myers
I can't say much has changed with the Arizona Rosewood tree since last month. I did clip the growth coming from the base, as well as a branch on the south side of the trunk. This is to keep it more in the mode of a small tree, eventually supplying some shade to nearby plantings.
11. January 2017
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, vaquelinia, californica, arizona rosewood, tree following, photography
After failing miserably to keep up with the tree following meme last year, I am once more setting out to choose and follow a tree month by month with the theme hosted by Squirrelbasket. This time the tree selected is a resident of my own garden.