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31. December 2016
This winter has seen a pair of Costa's Hummingbirds arrive in the garden, in addition to our resident pair of Anna's Hummingbirds. Here is the tiny male Costa's, with his brilliant purple face and head, the color only just glimpsed in this photo. When he faces into the full sunlight, the color is so vibrant that he has been duly named "Jewel". Hoping that the courage of kindness will prevail, somehow, in this coming year... and wishing all of you my friends a beautiful, happy 2017!
31. December 2016
hamelia, patens, firebush, desert garden, small sunny garden, tropical, amy myers, photography, berries, winter, december, favorite
Although its value extends nearly year-round, I am featuring the tropical shrub Hamelia patens for December, as I join with Loree's monthly favorites theme. Yes, there was brilliant bloom in late summer, no mean achievement with temperatures over 108 F (42 C) many days. And as summer moved into autumn, the flowering increased. But now, with a few crisp nights, there are berries as bright as the flowers and leaves with a wonderful mix of burgundy and green.
26. December 2016
hamelia, firebush, lavender, goodwins creek gray, euphorbia firesticks, sticks on fire, monday vase, in a vase on monday, iavom, amy myers, photography, small sunny garden, desert garden
Today's vase unexpectedly became a celebration of a couple of the more exotic plants that make winter beautiful in the desert garden.
17. December 2016
small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden bloggers bloom day, gbbd, december, winter flowers, gaura, oenothera, lindheimeri
Well, this post is two days late as the holidays have kept me busy, but it seemed a shame not to go ahead and post for December's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Not surprisingly, given the mild weather, there is plenty to choose from! Most of the bloom is from long-flowering plants enjoying the cool temperatures, not to mention a bit of much-appreciated moisture. (A little more would be even more appreciated!) I have put in only a few cool-season bedding annuals so far. The most noticeable are...
11. December 2016
desert garden, small sunny garden, amy myers, photography, autumn, foliage, leaves, lagerstroemia, crape myrtle, dynamite
I was inspired by Kris's recent post to take a closer look at autumn color in my garden. Not just any color, but the reds and yellows of leaves turning for the cold months. This is one area where warm winter gardens typically don't have much to show for themselves. Many of my plants are evergreen, some are summer deciduous, and some merely drop their leaves after an ignominious stage of ragged brown. But I thought it might be worthwhile to inventory what is actually going on. So I did, and it...
09. December 2016
butterfly, painted lady, vanessa, cardui, photography, amy myers, small sunny garden, desert garden, lavender
Winter is butterfly season here in the low desert. In addition to the brilliant Monarchs and Queens, there are many Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui) fluttering around; they are the most common visitors at the moment, spending their time mostly on lantana and lavender.
05. December 2016
bougainvillea, small sunny garden, desert garden, monday vase, ivom, amy myers, photography
When I went over to the west side of the house this morning, the bougainvillea was so brilliant and beautiful that I decided it was time to feature it in a vase. There is so much color that it makes a splendid vase by itself, or nearly...