In a Vase: Yellow on Yellow

sunflowers and corepsis

I must keep this post short because it's quite late as I write this, but I couldn't miss sharing all this lovely yellow!

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In a Vase: A Bright Discovery

monday vase with sunflowers

Recent days have seen the arrival of wild sunflowers on the west side of the property.  I wasn't sure how they were faring in all the rain we've been having, but when I tramped down the driveway to check on them, there were still some blooms available to cut.  The individual flowers aren't very big (as sunflowers go), but they are a wonderful bright touch on a gray day.  I photographed them on our tiny front porch, looking over toward the neighbors' pond.

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A Display of Butterflies

Caligo eurylochus
Caligo eurylochus

Some days ago I had the privilege of attending a butterfly exhibit at our local botanical garden, Powell Gardens.  They had raised a selection of species from the tropical Americas: butterflies about twice as large as any that inhabit my more northerly gardens, ranging from brilliant blues and reds to subtle, leaf-mimicking patterns that flare suddenly to large eyes flashing in the shade like a peacock's tail.

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In a Vase: Small Flowers from a Small Garden

A very small vase for In a Vase on Monday  with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden...

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In a Vase: Black Eyes and Golden

echinacea purpurea powwow wildberry and rudbeckia triloba

Today's vase celebrates the arrival of the large-centered flowers of midsummer, in this case Echinacea and Rudbeckia.

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