The First Spring Bulbs

iris reticulata Harmony

The tiny front garden is just finishing its first flush of spring bulbs. 


I'm quite pleased with my choices for early flowers: squill, rock irises, and the bitty cyclameneus narcissi.  I fully intended to plant snowdrops as well, but I was unable to get to a nursery to buy them, so I have only the bulbs that I purchased online.  What with that limitation and a tight budget, I feel that the sequence of bloom is going well so far.  


The very first to flower was Scilla mischtschenkoana.  

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An Incident with a Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow full of rainwater

I thought we would be none the worse for a little lighthearted verse today.  Besides I needed to laugh at a rather frustrating incident a couple of days ago!  As you can guess from this, we have had a lot of rain lately.


I give you a photo of the same wheelbarrow last year when it was still a good deal cleaner and we had also had a lot of rain!

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In a Vase: A Whiff of Spring

in a vase on monday, narcissus cyclameneus rapture, iris reticulata harmony, muscari

Spring has arrived at last in the unmistakable form of flowers.


The first to appear were the blue-striped white blooms of Scilla mischtschenkoana, which are, in fact, nearly spent now.  Then the deep blue of Iris reticulata "Harmony" quickly joined them.  And now I have a first narcissus bloom as well; this, N. cyclameneus "Rapture".


Our latest bouts of wind and rain have not been gentle with the flowers.  Fortunately they receive some protection from the house front, but I am still glad these little flowers are as sturdy as they are.


For today's vase I picked a late iris and the first Narcissus, as well as a couple stems of noID muscari.

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In a Vase: the Smallest Flowers

henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) for In a Vase on Monday

Well, this is my first IaVoM post for the year.  It's not my first vase, as I made one a few weeks ago, just Heuchera foliage and a few dried grasses, then failed to get photos, therefore, no post.  


I checked the Heuchera again today as a good starting point for a vase, but the leaves are now thoroughly mud-splashed and tattered from our last few storms.  No new leaves are large enough to pick; but it's worth noting that the plant has never gone fully dormant, instead producing fresh foliage off and on all whole winter long.  This, despite our occasional nighttime excursions into the single digits.  I think the lowest we've gotten was 2 F/-17 C, but temperature swings have been wide all season--admittedly, quite normal for the area!


But enough of my admiration for Heuchera!  Today's vase is all about a tiny wildflower because it is pretty much the only thing flowering at the moment.

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Happy Thanksgiving

liriodendron leaf, autumn
Liriodendron leaf

It has been a much milder Thanksgiving Day here than the forecast indicated.  For this I am quite grateful, as are the garden and my horses.  As for BettytheDog, she is quite happy with the light mist that has coated the grasses without icing them (thus far, at any rate).  It appears that the worst weather continues to pass just north of us.


Below is a photo I took with my phone a couple of days ago, while I was in town.  This is a lovely old barn across the highway from the feed store.

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