In a Vase: A Harmony of Reds

in a vase on monday

It would appear that my predilection for red hues has come with me to the new garden and, therefore, to today's vase.

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In a Vase: Colors of Spring

hellebore ivory prince with muscari and henbit for in a vase on monday

Whatever designers of earlier years may have thought of the combination of blue with green with pink, Nature seems to like it immensely.  Not to be outdone, I've put together my own blend of the three for today's In a Vase on Monday  with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

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The Art of the Hellebore

hellebore ivory prince, amy myers photography

Helleborus x 'Ivory Prince'...

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In a Vase: A Bit of Bright

muscari, strawberry flower, and heuchera for in a vase on monday

The vase in question is a tiny vintage French creamer, its surface splashed with flowers and one largish butterfly.  

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Garden Discovery


It seems that something was once planted in the narrow strip between the front walkway and the house.  While preparing to plant Helleborus 'Ivory Prince' and a bright-leaved Heuchera (H. villosa 'Carnival', which seems to be a series rather than a specific variety), I discovered something else...

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Other Garden Blogs to Follow

First, a link to the earlier version of this blog at, where the first two years of the original garden can be viewed.