Autumn Blues

Today's vase, as well as the rest of my post, was meant to be about the brilliantly blue Salvia reptans.  But it is a minuscule thing, all wispy stems, slender leaves, a few spots of bright blue, and the sunlight shining through.  So a couple of others slipped into my vase alongside it.

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In a Vase: A September Rose

the Monday Vase

The heat has finally broken here in the Sonoran Desert. Yesterday afternoon a slow rain moved in on cool air. Today it continues to drizzle, a luscious moisture refreshing the soil, the plants, the garden creatures, and the people. 

The garden is changing almost as I watch, leaves greening and flowers brightening the borders. The native plants in particular are beginning to bloom more.  Calliandra californica is misting the Central Bed with a froth of bright red.  Leucophyllum frutescens - sometimes called barometer bush because of its uncanny capacity for flowering several days in advance of rainfall - predicted this rain a couple of days ago, when the skies were still only lightly cloudy.
And the roses are coming to life again too. Today's vase centers on the arrival of a lovely bloom on Crown Princess Margareta.
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And the Winner...

drawing the winner

And the drawing is complete!  The winner is Amanda Marie @earthjewelsdesign, a jewelry designer on Instagram and actually the very first to enter.  Her plants of choice were succulents, and now I am waiting to hear which pot she selected!  Congratulations, Amanda Marie!


A very big thank you to everyone who has participated.  It's been quite helpful to get all your responses - helpful, inspiring, and idea-creating!  There was actually a wide range of plants suggested as favorites for flower pots.  The number one pick was succulents (including cacti), but herbs ran a close second with orchids just behind. 


Judging by the responses, there is a need for some cache pots as well as flower pots, and I hope to add the former once I am sure that my glaze will be watertight on this clay body!  I design my own clay and glaze recipes, so all of this takes a little extra time for testing.


Meantime, thank you all again for your participation!  


Happy growing!

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Drum roll, please!


And the Small, Sunny Garden Shop is now open - with a giveaway to celebrate!  Winner to receive their choice of one of the three small pots in the above photo... 


Here are the rules: Simply leave a comment on this post, explaining your favorite (or most  wished for) plants for growing in containers.  Yes, it's a bit of market research on my part because I'm not sure whether there is more interest in succulents, bulbs, annuals, seedlings, cuttings, etc., etc.!  And I might adjust my pot shapes and sizes if I knew!


I am running this simultaneously on my blog, Instagram account, and Facebook, so please allow for entries that don't appear here!  One entry per person please!  I will draw a winner on Friday at about noon Arizona time.


I can't offer wine and hors d'oeuvres, but please join my Grand Opening...

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In a Vase: Light and Airy

the Monday Vase

Cathy often encourages us to forage for flowers to put in our Monday vases.  That is exactly what I did today, albeit the foraging occurred entirely in the garden.  Today's vase is bits and bobs, cultivated and (dare I say) uncultivated flowers, from a potted Sedeveria to some volunteer rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosus) that I meant to pull out months ago.  (It is always nearly impossible to pull out rabbitbrush when it is in full, glorious yellow bloom.  Just now it is only in bud.)


So here they are, all together in a vase: Lavandula multifida, Sedeveria x 'Sorrento', Asclepias subulata, Ericameria nauseosus, a lacy sprig of mesquite (Prosopis velutina), and furry silver foliage of Leucophyllum pruinosum 'Sierra Bouquet'.

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