In a Vase: Worth the Wait

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Worth the wait in more ways than one.  I am finally getting to use flowers I have been waiting for all winter long  - Calendulas planted with Monday vases in mind, Cerinthe which helpfully seeded itself into the North Border, and Tetraneuris which disappeared entirely late last year but has returned in a glory of little yellow daisies.


All of these were just ready on Monday, and then I had to wait again.  It does seem like a run of bad luck: a strained (sprained?) back all last week, light case of stomach flu over Sunday/Monday, and smashing the front of my phone into a cobweb of cracks yesterday.  Nothing insurmountable, but it has slowed my blogging a little!


I wanted very much to post my Monday vase on Monday, but I knew I couldn't do justice to the flowers that were beckoning, so I waited till I felt well enough to properly enjoy it all.  Now, waiting no longer, here are Calendulas...

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Garden Bloom in March

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Salvia greggi doing what it does best: providing nectar for one of our precious hummingbirds. This is a female Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna), pollen on her beak and the top of her head!

First a confession.


Wandering around the garden today, camera in hand, peering here and there to see what is in bloom, for the first time I was thrilled with the garden.  Not with the idea, or with this or that plant or combination of plants, or even with a particular piece of it all, but with the garden itself.  For the first time I can feel it as a whole, however tentatively.  There is still chaos here and there; the hedging must be completed; big gaps and outright errors need to be remedied; but for the first time I can see that there is a garden here.  


It helps that it is March.  This month and next will see the height of bloom here, much like high summer in more temperate gardens.


I realize that I rarely show long views, and I admit that I'm still not quite ready to do much of that.  Most plants are still so small!  But I have included a few vignettes this month, especially of the East Border, which has been one of the most difficult areas to work out.  So, first a few vignettes, then a rather complete look at the individual plants.  Mostly pictures, I'm afraid.  Lots of them.

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Tuesday View: Spanish Lavender in Bloom

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This week there is no doubt about the burst of bloom from Lavender "Madrid".  It is in full glory, much to the delight of bees.  Its very deep color is an asset in the now-intense sunlight (compare with a cloudy day just two weeks ago).


The Lavandula stoechas varieties are distinctly seasonal here, so I relish this mass of bloom while it lasts.

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In a Vase: Peaches and Cream

small sunny garden, in a vase on monday, monday vase, iavom, desert garden, amy myers, freesia, alba

Today's vase was kept quite simple in order to avoid overwhelming any of the precious flowers.  They went into the smallest of my vases, the little blue handthrown bud vase.

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Small but Sumptuous: Freesia alba

As spring warms, they are arriving: clusters of exquisite white and yellow, sweetly fragrant blooms, richly petalled and with stars in their throats.


Freesia alba has arrived in the garden.

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