In a Vase: Fragrant Spring

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There are some marvelous scents in the garden now.  A few more stems of the unknown Narcissus tazetta have opened, and the light but rich fragrance of Senna nemophila hovers at the end of the garden.  Even more special, the smell of lemon blossom is just beginning to wrap the lemon tree in springtime.


So I decided to combine the three in a vase.

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In Bloom in February

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I am experiencing some difficulty uploading lots of pictures right now - just in time for Bloom Day, unfortunately!  So instead of a comprehensive view of what is blooming, here is a look at the most noticeable flowers, plus one or two deserving special mention.


First are a couple of more or less everblooming plants - the ones that show up in almost every Bloom Day post.  Above is Eremophila hygrophana; below is Russelia equisetiformis "Big Red".

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Tuesday View: Early Spring

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This week's Tuesday View shows the South Border looking a bit bare with the grasses cut down and spring annuals not yet grown up.  But a few things reward a closer look: Narcissus in front of Eremophila maculata "Valentine" and a newly planted Penstemon parryi behind them.

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In a Vase: Small and Sweet

While Valentine's Day falls in a fairly lush time of year here, I decided to focus on some of the smaller flowers and make an almost miniature bouquet.  

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The Rosewood Tree in February

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I can't say much has changed with the Arizona Rosewood tree since last month.  I did clip the growth coming from the base, as well as a branch on the south side of the trunk.  This is to keep it more in the mode of a small tree, eventually supplying some shade to nearby plantings.

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