In a Vase: Simply Summer

Well, it has been a while since I have posted a Monday vase, and to be honest I have been thinking about this one since last week.  


Not that it is very complicated - just a handful from a few flowers that I am enjoying in the garden right now.

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Early Summer Favorites

caesalpinia pulcherrima

This post began life as my Ten Favorites for June with Chloris at The Blooming Garden. Unfortunately, for days I found it impossible to get into my website for editing.  I still can't access it from my laptop.  Bandwidth seems to be the culprit, as host Jimdo has checked the site from their end and finds no problems.  I could make some remarks about the folly of ending net neutrality, but perhaps better not...  Out here in rural Arizona, we never have quite enough internet signal anyway, so it's quite a headache to suddenly have even less.  However, I didn't write this post to complain but to celebrate flowers!


So here are some wonderful flowers from the month of June, which is the heart of summer in the garden.  As we move into July, we can hope for some rain; but the flowers of June must brave the absence of any moisture save that supplied by a slow garden hose.  They're a wonderful lot!


Colors range from very bright...

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The Crinum Lily: A Photo Series

crinum lily
Crinum noID, blooming in the garden
crinum lily
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In a Vase: Summer Thoughts

It is that time of year: Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Catharanthus roseus are taking over the task of keeping color in the garden.  While the former does not take kindly to being cut, the latter is tolerably good in a vase.  The individual flowers are short-lived but the cut stem will continue to open new blooms, so I like to go ahead and use it sometimes.

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In a Vase: Full of Roses

the monday vase

I am amazed that I am using roses again today.  We had a bout of near-record high heat (for this time of year) for about a week, with temperatures suddenly shooting up to around 100 F/38 C after a rather short spring.  While there will be much higher temperatures as the summer goes on, it was the rapid rise that left me and the garden breathless and wondering what would happen next.  The roses, in particular, were not a bit happy with the situation.


Fortunately, we have got a reprieve this week, with more seasonal highs in the upper eighties.  I am hoping this will give the garden a chance to better adjust before things get really hot again!  I need to make the most of the time by making sure everything is well-mulched, but today it is time for Cathy's In a Vase on Monday

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