Wordless Wednesday: The Daintiest Butterfly

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The South Border on a Hot Day

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It is fortunate that the cool blue hues of the South Border continue to belie the weather.  Today reached 118 F/48 C, and results in the garden are not good... in spots.  But little is going wrong in the South Border, a fact I attribute to the relative maturity of the plants.  This was, after all, the first space that was planted into and the first to be (relatively) completed.  It is usually the first-summer plants that succumb to the heat, and there are only a handful of those here.


 Among them are some Catharanthus roseus which were put in quite late in spring to fill the edge in front of the Pennisetum.  They, however, are not too likely to die of heat.  They are bit wilted in the photo below, but they perk up quickly when given some water.

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In a Vase: Edible

To be honest, I almost decided against doing a vase this week.  The weather is so hot that even going out to pick flowers is not very fun!  But I had an idea for what I wanted to combine, so I picked up my clippers and sallied out into the garden.


I decided to keep the vase full of simple edibles.  There is a sunflower...

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Garden Bloom in June

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Salvia farinacea with Hamelia patens in the North Border

A quick tour around the June garden for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day... with thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly look at what is flowering!


First there is the North Border, a combination of blue, purple, and red.

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In a Vase: Summer Refreshment

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Today's vase was made up in a glass for a refreshing afternoon.  From one side...

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