In a Vase: Sunny Yellow

the monday vase

Today's vase belies the sudden drop in temperatures here, accompanied by sharp winds. It was warmer at midnight last night than it was at mid-afternoon today, and the temperature is expected to drop into the thirties (single digits Celsius) tonight - not something we've seen for some weeks.


However, the garden has plenty of sunny yellow flowers, most of them well-adapted to cold springtime. So I brought some of their sunshine indoors.

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Garden Bloom in February

Alyogyne huegeli

You may notice something unusual in a couple of this month's Bloom Day photographs: raindrops!


After a very dry winter we have had three days of slow rain, on and off, softening the garden soil and refreshing the plants as only rainwater can do.  It has been a big relief to know there is some good moisture returning to the garden and, indeed, all around for the thirsty ground.  The wild plants have gone very dry for this time of year.


So life goes on in the garden.  I've finally begun a lot of the pruning I've been meaning to do, so the borders are looking a bit lean to me; and I was wondering what this month's GBBD would show.  I need not have worried, as there is actually quite a bit in flower.


Here is a look around the borders in the middle of February.  First, the North Border, where Justicia californica is finally making its statement of brilliant color and hummingbird nectar.  This is apparently the time I am supposed to prune this overgrown, sprawling monster, but how can I...?  It will have to wait just a little longer!

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In a Vase: From the Drylands

the monday vase

It was just two classic dry-country flowers for today's vase - one from the Mediterranean, the other a Sonoran native.

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Some Favorites

calliandra californica baja red
Calliandra californica "Baja Red"

‘Can you do Addition?’ the White Queen asked. ‘What’s one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?’


‘I don’t know,’ said Alice. ‘I lost count.’


‘She can’t do Addition,’ the Red Queen interrupted.


As January turns into February, I decided to post some favorites from the past few weeks. It's a bit late for Chloris's meme, and in no way do the flowers add up to ten, or even five, or any other official-looking sum.  But the idea was certainly sparked by the Ten Favorites at The Blooming Garden


So may I present...


First, the most characteristic plant for January in this garden: Senna nemophila, now grown to some seven feet tall - a lace of yellow bloom, pale green stems and dangling pods, the last because, unlike in previous years, it has already been blooming for well over a month.

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In a Vase: Extravaganza

the monday vase

This week's vase is an admittedly odd medley of blooms - lavenders, narcissus, kalanchoe, and a small rose!  But they were all begging to go into a vase this week, so I decided to do my best with them.  They are all part of the exuberance of early spring in the desert garden.

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