In a Vase: Waifs and Sprays

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Rain has been making a big difference here; and our tiny, resident Costa's hummingbird greeted me this afternoon in a garden that already has more flowers for her to feed from.  But honestly, things are still fairly sparse; and for today's vase I used some of the stray bits, snippings, and deadheadings, because there is a good deal of that sort of thing in the borders.


It certainly has a late summer feel...

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Garden Bloom in July

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Whatever the weather may be doing - and it has rung a good many changes over the last couple of weeks - it is time for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  So here is a look round at what is flowering in July.


The most reliable sources of summer color are the indefatiguible Caesalpinia pulcherrima...

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The South Border

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Having a little rain fall last night was so reassuring.  I think the plants think so too!


The garden is now more or less in slow recovery mode after our well pump fiasco and the difficult dry heat of June.  It all looks quite dissheveled because I haven't put myself out to tidy it up yet.  Perhaps it was just my laziness, but I felt that even dried out plant material might supply a little shade to neighboring plants.  Hopefully the clean-up will begin soon now!


Meantime, here are a few pictures from around the South Border.

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In a Vase: A Cupful of Summer

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I didn't know what to expect from the garden today.  The period of time with greatly reduced watering has taken its toll on bloom overall.   Although the well pump has been replaced, it's too soon to see much change in flowering yet.


However, one plant did get a little extra attention from the hose, even at the worst time.  This was rose "William Shakespeare 2000", and the water went on because the foliage was showing signs of significant salt- or heat-stress, with that blackened, faintly iridescent look.  In return for a few extra drinks, it has set buds and opened a couple of blooms.


So I have, quite unexpectedly in July, some roses for today's vase.

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A Change of Season

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It has happened over a forty-eight hour period.  The clouds began to move in on a hot wind, and humidity leaped.  The heat continues unabated and, with the moisture, feels even warmer now.  But if the gardener is more uncomfortable, the plants are a tad more pleased.



The monsoon season has arrived.

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