Garden Views

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As this week's Tuesday View comes along, I decided to share views from around the garden.


First, the usual view down the South Border.  Looking a little lean now as the early and mid-spring flowers are gone, it is transitioning toward summer with miniature roses coming into bloom while Catharanthus roseus, the mainstay of flower color during summer, is growing out but not yet blooming.  What I have not shown is the first few flowers from sweet peas, tucked into the back of the border.  I'm not sure how much of a showing I will get from them before the heat takes them out, but at least I have a few blooms!

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A Burst of Gold

small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden photography, iris, abbondanza, bearded

Iris "Abbondanza" has arrived: the first bearded iris to bloom this year... a lovely yellow with orange beards and a soft tangerine flush to the standards.

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Tuesday View

small sunny garden, desert garden, amy myers, photography, garden blog, tuesday view,

The South Border is showing the season more clearly now.  It is late spring here; the last few bulbs are in bloom.  These are African species planted spottily as the border developed, but coming back faithfully, and deserving their place in the limelight, as well as a more organized planting!  There is Ornithogalum arabicum, a little scanty on bloom this year but so pretty and generally flowering just around Easter...

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In a Vase: Sweetly Spring

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As the roses begin to bloom, the season tips perceptibly in the direction of summer.  But the heat has not yet arrived, so I am still picking handfuls of Calendula, trying to make the most of their wonderful bright colors and the abandon with which they are flowering.  As well, there is sweet broom (Cytisus x spachianus) to slip into a vase, bringing its lovely scent indoors.

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The Rosewood Tree in April

small sunny garden, desert garden, tree following, vauquelinia, californica, arizona rosewood, amy myers, photography

As I take a look at the young Vauquelinia californica (Arizona rosewood) this month,  the most noticeable change is simply the lengthening of the new growth.  Branches are reaching upwards as it puts on a little more height.  This is all to the good as it has quite a ways to go before giving substantial shade to the border.  But for all that, it is already providing a little shelter to nearby plants.

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