A California Rose Garden

looking across one of the borders with Darcy Bussell in foreground

Today I have an entirely different garden to post.


During the last week, I made a quick visit to San Diego, California.  The event was a sad one: the sudden and very unexpected death of one of my uncles.  It was a time to be with family, all the more painful as my uncle and aunt were preparing to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary less than two weeks later.  So most of my visit was spent in an attempt to help and be a comfort, but I did manage a little photo tour of my cousin's rose garden, which is something I have wanted to share here for a long time.


I had only my phone camera, and weather was a bit gray and misty, but here are my photos.


First is "Bow Bells", a cluster of blooms from a shrub that must be around nine feet tall.

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The East Border: The New View

the east border

For weeks now I have been toying with the idea of changing the location of my Tuesday View.  It has helped tremendously as I have tried to complete and balance the plantings in the South Border, and I've felt the need to apply a similar tactic to an extremely unsatisfactory part of the garden.


May I present the East Border!

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The Return of the Butterflies

Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) on lantana

The butterflies are returning.


Although temperatures remain high, it is nearly autumn even here, and the butterflies are beginning to flutter into the garden, coming south to enjoy the sunlight and warmth of a desert winter.  As ever, they adore the lantana.

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In a Vase: Rose Petals and Fireworks

St Swithun rose, close-up

It seems strange today to keep a virtual eye on the storms, rain, and devastation caused by Harvey, then walk outside into bright blue skies and August heat.  Nevertheless, it is August, temperatures are remaining petulantly high, and the garden is in a rather disheveled state.  Many blooms are a bit crispy around the edges.  


But a few of the roses continue to bloom, and it is time for a Monday Vase.

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Ten Flowers

small sunny garden, ruellia brittoniana
Ruellia brittoniana

This month I decided to try posting for August's Ten Favorite Plants at The Blooming Garden.  This has been a lovely August so far - warming up again at present, but this summer's monsoon season has seen a good mix of rain and sun - by desert standards anyway - and slightly cooler temperatures overall.


First is one of the smaller ones.  Salvia farinacea is a very consistent source of blue through the summer months.  It's a particularly refreshing medium blue.  The bees like it too!  

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