In a Vase: Full of Roses

the monday vase

I am amazed that I am using roses again today.  We had a bout of near-record high heat (for this time of year) for about a week, with temperatures suddenly shooting up to around 100 F/38 C after a rather short spring.  While there will be much higher temperatures as the summer goes on, it was the rapid rise that left me and the garden breathless and wondering what would happen next.  The roses, in particular, were not a bit happy with the situation.


Fortunately, we have got a reprieve this week, with more seasonal highs in the upper eighties.  I am hoping this will give the garden a chance to better adjust before things get really hot again!  I need to make the most of the time by making sure everything is well-mulched, but today it is time for Cathy's In a Vase on Monday

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The Yellow Iris

iris abbondanza

Iris 'Abbondanza' - so far it's the only bearded iris to flower reliably in this garden, but what a beauty it is!  It opens brilliant yellow blooms with tangerine shading at the center, brightening into orange beards.

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In a Vase: A Confection of Roses

blooms in the Monday Vase

The garden has been very kind.  Despite my relative neglect lately (it's been hard to think what I'm doing without my little gardening companion), the garden has gone ahead and bloomed in full measure this April.  Hippeastrum, Iris, and Trichocereus flowers have been among the most spectacular, but nowhere is the goodwill more in evidence than with the roses.  They need to be mulched, and they need a good feeding, but many are flowering well anyway.


So today, let us celebrate the arrival of roses with In a Vase on Monday!

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Yesterday we said good-bye to my beautiful little garden helper.  Bella was an incredibly special part of my life for almost fifteen years.  Her gentle heart helped me through some very dark times, and will always be a source of wonder and gratitude to me.  Farewell, Bella.

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Wildflowers for Wednesday: Prosopis velutina

In the back yard there is a young Mesquite tree (Prosopis velutina).  It sprouted as a volunteer a couple of years ago.  It is in a very good spot for a tree; and though I water it reprehensibly seldom, it has grown tall enough to be just visible from the house.


This year is the first time I have seen it bloom.  Of course, one has to walk right up to it to see the flowers.  The inflorescences are large, but their soft yellow-green colors keep them hidden among the leaves.

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